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Client Testimony - Sesamoid Fractures

Left Arthrodesis Testimonial

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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Dr. Waters doing excellent job helping me with my foot pain. Thank you. Staff is very friendly too

Jenny H. Has helped me out a lot.

Brent C. Very friendly staff, clean waiting room, accepting new patients.

Samantha P. Dr. Waters put me at ease. Highly recommend.

Shelly R. Dr. Waters is very friendly and courteous. He explained everything to me. And told me not to worry if I get infection again. Not to worry about not having money. He would not worry about me paying. He would prefer to have call explain to them and he would rather save my toe then have to take it off. He made me feel like he really cares about his patients. This is how doctor used to be. Cared for us and NOT THE MONEY

Christina D. Dr. Waters is the best! He is smart and personable and willing to spend time with everyone.

Hadley M. I love Dr. Waters! He was so nice and took the time to listen to my needs. I really felt like he cared. He gave me some exercises to try to help my pain and gave me multiple options for treatment. Such and awesome doc!! I'd recommend him to anyone!

Kelly P. Dr. Waters is kind and caring surgeon who excels at managing foot and ankle problems.

Joshua R. Dr. Waters is very good at what he does along with all other staff. Very friendly and easy to work with, was scheduled right away.

Cindy B. It’s so nice to finally be pain free! Thanks to Dr. Waters and staff for the excellent care. My only regret is that I didn’t go in sooner when I first had pain. I would highly recommend you visit Dr. Waters for all your foot and ankle needs.

Teresa H. Dr. Waters and staff provide excellent service and care. They were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I asked. Thank you for all your help!

Angie C. Dr. Waters and his staff were pleasant and personable. I was able to get an appointment within days of my referral and he did the necessary procedure at the same appointment as the initial consult (removal of in-grown toenail). I'd had the same thing done by a different doc, and the recovery from Dr. Waters was markedly less painful. I'm only two weeks out from the procedure, but it seems to be healing nicely and to be successful. Recommend him.

Megan S. My 12-year-old injured her foot right and we thought it was broken. We were referred by Dr. Hood. When I called, they took it very seriously and got her an appointment right away, same day!! Dr. Waters was very thorough and took excellent care of my daughter thankfully her foot wasn't broken unfortunately she is in a walking boot, and we will have to return for follow-up for a possible ruptured ligament.... But with her in Dr. Waters hands I know she will be taken care of properly and if that's what it is she will heal nicely. Thank you for the excellent service my daughter received from everyone including the receptionist Cassandra who was a sweetheart as well. I would recommend this clinic to my friends and family.

Tiffani P. Great Doctor and Staff!!! Very caring!!!! 10 out of 10 would recommend :)

Danielle D. I highly recommend Dr Waters he takes his time with you and explains your options. He is very caring and compassionate; his staff is also so caring.

Pamela M. Dr. Water Did a Great Job Fixing My Very Bad Ankle He Listen Real Close to What You Say Explain All Very Well to You Very Happy with His Work Great Doctor You Will Be Happy with Him I'm Putting Dr. Waters work To the Test on Dec 22 I got a Fitbit and today I have 1.176.405 steps in and 531 miles in All is working great Great job Dr. Waters.

Dale M. My experience with Dr. Waters was for follow up of an ankle sprain and broken bone in my foot. His assessment skills were excellent, and he took time to answer my questions and address concerns. I am confident in his skills and expertise as a provider and would not hesitate to refer others to his practice.

Cheryl B. Great first visit. Very helpful and informative.

Sonja P. Dr. Waters saw me after a fibula fracture wasn’t healing. He immediately placed a plate and screws in it. He has been nothing short of awesome to work with. The office staff is also very knowledgeable and helpful!

Ashley W. Very happy with the service, my mom and I were there for first time today and would recommend it to anyone needing a foot surgeon! Dr was very nice as were all the staff.

Angela M. Dr. Waters was very informative, attentive to anything I asked, and took his time to explain in depth to me. I really am glad we have someone in this area that specializes in feet and ankle problems!

Charlene S. I have been having trouble with plantar fasciitis so I made an appointment with Dr Waters. Was not disappointed with the care I received. Two visits later and I am able to walk with no pain. Staff was very nice. I would recommend him for your podiatry needs!

Sandra P. I have been having trouble with plantar fasciitis so I made an appointment with Dr Waters. Was not disappointed with the care I received. Two visits later and I am able to walk with no pain. Staff was very nice. I would recommend him for your podiatry needs!

Sandra P. Dr. Waters and the staff were very nice and helpful. I will tell everyone I know to go there.

Nikki J. Dr Water can fix what I was told couldn't be fixed.

JC B. Doctor was nice. Very professional.

Tosha G. Took care of my ingrown toenail in one appointment. Dr. Waters has given me so much relief in that toe. My only regret is that I didn't go in sooner to get it taken care of.

Christopher S. Great staff Dr Waters is friendly and considerate, highly recommend to anyone with problems or questions.

Penny S. Dr. Waters is friendly,professional, and clean environment. Great people!

John S. Dr.Waters has been a great doctor so far. He has been very helpful throughout my process of discovering the issues I have with both of my feet. He was able to explain to me in-depth on my issues and how we will correct them. I am planning out surgery for both feet and Dr.Waters was able to walk me through everything I can expect for both surgery and recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having issues with their feet.

Seth Z. Staff was very friendly and helped with my heel pain.

Charlotte W. Very fast and the staff is very very nice. Great place highly recommend it.

Sierra G. Dr. Waters is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things & does so in a way that is easy to understand. The staff are very efficient and accommodating. Will definitely recommend it to others. Was able to get an appointment the next day. Thank you.

Teresa S. He is a great doctor and great surgeon.

Summer D. With little over (2) months after recovery, I am extremely pleased that I went against my fears, and took Dr. Water's advice to have the bunion surgery. Everyone from his medical team was exceptional. Everyone from my 1st appt, to surgery, and even my most recent follow up visit. I want to take a moment to particularly thank the surgical team. This surgery was my 1st me, and I was frightened. But, my fears were immediately put to rest at check-in and throughout the whole process. Embarrassingly, I had to keep going to the ladies room and they never made me feel like a burden. I was well informed and they treated me as though I was in a 5 star hotel. I'd even forgotten that I'd undergone this procedure during a pandemic. My pain was minimal, recovery was swift and the scarring was almost nonexistent. I am forever grateful to Dr Waters and wish him only success. Thank you for giving me my independence back with a brand new foot :)

F. Burgess Dr. Waters is the best foot Doctor to go to. He will take very good care of you. And his staff is friendly and very supportive to your care.

Carol B. Dr. Water Did A Great Job Fixing My Very Bad Ankle He Listen Real Close To What You Saying Explain All Very Well To You Very Happy With His Work Great Doctor You Will Be Happy With Him.

Dale M. Thank you for being a good doctor.

Antoinette S. He is the best doctor he took good care of me and my son.

Kennetha Dr. Waters is the best..... his demeanor is awesome, he listens, he takes his time, makes sure you understand everything that's going on, and wants to know if you have any questions. All in all he is a great doctor...💯💯❤❤.

Denise B. Dr. Waters is a very kind and patient doctor. He took the time to explain everything about my bunion surgery to me. He answered all of my questions. Even when I was not quite ready, he did not pressure me. When I came back to him he treated me with such kindness and care every step of the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Waters and would not hesitate to seek him out again if the opportunity arises.

Carmen F. Dr Waters has tended to both my ankle injuries as well as my wife’s toes. We’re very pleased with the visits as well as the solutions. He communicates what’s going on and what needs to be done on both parts, his and ours. We definitely recommend him.


Facebook Reviews

Took care of my ingrown toenail very quickly. I hate needles of any kind, but Dr Waters did the injections needed as painless as possible. Recommend him and his staff!

Charlotte W. Very friendly, helped with my problem in one visit.

Nancy S. Dr Waters office got us in the office within 2 days and when we did see him he did a great job of figuring out the problem with my daughters feet! I feel like we are finally getting somewhere now!

Nicole H. Dr. Waters is a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor!

He corrected my left foot. I had a 2-hour surgery that went better than expected. After two weeks I got my hard cast put on. So, 4 more weeks of healing!

Dr. Waters and his team provide an amazing experience and are wonderful people.

Thank you so much for the work you have done so far!

I must get my right foot fixed at the end of the year and will go back to Dr. Waters!

Thank you!

Beth A. Great and caring Doctor and Staff to work with!

Danielle D. Dr. Waters was very kind and caring, he made sure I understood everything and got in and out pretty fast, I think.

Samantha J. Had to have emergency surgery, Dr Waters explained everything about the procedure prior to surgery and spoke with my husband after. The staff has been nice and helpful with all my questions post op!

Tara J. Dr. Waters is a very excellent doctor! He explains everything in detail to make sure understand. He is very patient and kind. All the staff there are excellent. I would recommend Dr. Waters to friends and family.

Kila K. My daughter was seen by Dr. Waters, and she had a great experience.

Tina K. I never have been seen by this office but reading the reviews seems to me a place i would go if in need too...and from live videos the Dr and staff seem very friendly and would make you comfortable at your visit!

Kimmy J. Dr Waters has been very helpful with developing a plan to address my plantar fasciitis and foot pain. He has done a great job walking me through each step of the plan thus far! His staff have done a really good job with getting me in for appointments and filing paperwork for my short-term disability and insurance.

Todd O. I went in with an ingrown toenail and was nervous as heck. Dr. Waters put me at ease, and it didn't hurt one bit. I highly recommend him.

Shelly R. I went to see Dr. Waters & found out I have a bone spur & deformity on my bone. I was so nervous about getting an injection, but he did very well & it was quick & done. He was very helpful with surgery costs & information also.

Lindsay G. Dr. Waters listened to all my concerns and was careful to explain exactly what my problem was and took his time to explain all the options available. Very caring and able to put my mind much more at ease. Recommend him! – Ann H.

Excellent team with prompt care and continuing assistance with all our needs! Would highly recommend!

Jacob A. At 63 years old my feet are shot! I was referred to Dr Waters by numerous people. Dr Waters took care of me and I am doing great! The staff is very helpful and professional. No wait time! I also appreciated the contact ahead of time to remind me of my appointment. I have referred many people to the Platte River Foot Clinic too!

Sandra P. He is great at what he does and the staff is also great.

Nikki J. I just had Dr. Waters performed a procedure on my foot and I am very pleased with the outcome, and I appreciate the fact that he is so fast at responding to my calls and giving me the attention I have needed. I would recommend him to my family and friends if they would need him for any foot or ankle problems.

Patricia A. Great staff and Dr. So glad I found them! If we need something like this again, this will be our go to place from now on! They are fast, and great at helping with anything you need!

Katie L. AmazIng staff and they did such a great job with my injury. Will definitely be going back with future injuries. (Hopefully none for a while!)

Rhinnan R. I was having several foot pains and came in to see Dr. Waters for some relief. He was very personal and friendly and was able to help with my pain! No more foot pain for me!!

Amy C. I was having pain in my big toe. turns out it was an ingrown toenail. I made an appointment to get it looked at and they were able to get me in and get the problem taken care of the same day. I am currently setting up an appointment for my son to get his feet looked at. I highly recommend this place.

Chris S. Fast and friendly. Dr was helpful.

Virginia C. Dr. Waters is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things & does so in a way that is easy to understand. The staff are very efficient and accommodating. Will definitely recommend it to others. Was able to get an appointment the next day. Thank you.

Teresa S. Dr. Waters is awesome. He really cares about his patients.

Bridget Z. Dr. Waters and his staff are excellent!

Tracy T. The staff is friendly and helpful, appreciate the appointment reminders, Dr. Waters was thorough in his examination and upfront with the diagnosis and treatments for my issue. It is not a quick fix, but I now know what I need to do on my own to help with the healing and what other more aggressive measures may be needed down the road. Thanks to all.

Kenny M.

More Reviews

Dr. Waters did an excellent job repairing my broken ankle with 4 screws and a plate. Within 3rd month I was able to cut my grass on uneven surface, as my ankle got more stronger in the following I was able to get ready for winter such as pulling out dead plants, bring in summer furnitures. I completed my PT yesterday, my therapist is amazed how strong my ankle is and doesn’t see the need to extend therapy. Dr Waters and HFH staff treated me with respect and understood my fears and assured me that I was on the right path. Thank you Dr Waters and ALL of the HFH staff ( including the ones that assisted me with the wheelchair). So glad to be moving about.

Dr. Waters and his team are timely and attentive. I've been here three times, never had to wait long. Office was clean and staff very nice and professional. Administrative staff- Rynell very responsive. Never a question of having to wait for paperwork without prior communication that it would be a timely wait. Love this group.

Dr Waters was kind, caring and thoughtful. He made sure I was taken care of through the whole process. I appreciate his care while taking care of me. I will refer my family and friends to see him if they require his services in the future.

I met Dr. Waters in the emergency room after I was in an accident on a dirt bike. Even with the devastating nature of the injury, Dr. Waters was able to put me and my wife at ease with his positive bed side manner and confidence. He was able save my foot from being amputated. I had four surgeries, including a total ankle joint replacement, all performed by Dr. Waters. Since then I have been able to resume most daily activities, including my work in the oil industry, riding in the Iron Horse Bicycle Rally and completing construction projects. Thanks Dr. Waters!

Dr. Water's care and compassion for his patients is unparalleled. He makes sure he goes through all options and helps formulate the best treatment for each patient. I would definitely recommend him to any family member.

Dr. Waters has impeccable surgical knowledge and bed side manner. He was the only provider who could pinpoint the issues that I had been having for years. He took the time to explain everything to me and didn’t rush my questions. After my surgery he provided precise instructions on my recovery and I am happy to say I am now pain free after years.

I met Dr. Waters after he was referred to me for surgery on my ankle. He found it was bone-on-bone and discussed an ankle replacement for me. He did such a wonderful job. It had been years since any of the pain that I had for over 10 years, and the replacement went in and now I am able to walk almost pain free. There is no longer swelling around the ankle. I am floored not having this pain day to day. Dr. Waters also did surgery to straighten the Hammertoes that was on the same foot as the replacement. He straightened them to where I now can slip shoes back on and wear sandals again! Dr. Waters is a compassionate person, always wanting to do the best for his patients. I insisted my sister go to see him for a problem she had, and she feels the same as I do about the success of her surgery, and if anyone else should have a problem with foot problems, I refer them right to Dr. Waters...(I get some funny looks talking about him in the middle of the grocery store). Thank you Dr. Waters

Dr Waters took a thorough examination of my flat feet, and the decision for surgery was welcome, especially after past ortho treatments from other providers weren't effective. Both foot surgeries have been effective, post op visits have been satisfactory, and I've name-dropped Dr Waters to anyone who asks. (Deanna also deserves praise, she's efficient and a great personality.)

Dr. Waters was a very caring and informative physician. He listens to his patients & together works with then to alleviate ones pain. I appreciate how openly he communicated with me. He tried multiple treatments to help with my issue. I am now pain free. I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor!

On 2 or 3 occasions I or my wife have needed the services and expertise of Dr Waters. He was very helpful. He was able to assess and treat my wife promptly and resolve her issue in very short time frame. He asks questions. This is huge for me. He is also thorough. I never felt like he was rushing due to other pending patients/tasks.

He is so nice and knowledgeable! He fixed my foot so I don’t have any more pain!! Such a good doctor!

Dr Waters is friendly, knowledgeable, kind and straightforward. He was very comprehensive in his approach going over all surgical and non surgical options.

I am very please with Dr. Waters. He is very informative and he treats you like you are a member of his family.

Good, they care about the patients.

I really appreciate everyone at Platte River Foot and Ankle clinic and ALWAYS get excellent care here.

Dr. Waters is a very good educator. His advice and recommendations have really helped me to improve my chronic condition. I am so pleased with the care I get from him.

Very, very good!

He also carefully looked at my feet. He noted the very swollen ankle, pressed certain areas and told me he wanted to get an x-ray - if that was OK with me. Mission accomplished within minutes of getting the x-ray Dr. W was reading it at his station and ready to give me the results.

I enjoy talking with him and we usually laugh about something which is extremely relaxing for me as I am there to discuss surgery on my foot. I certainly wouldn't like to go somewhere where I felt uptight or uncomfortable with the procedure.

Doctor Waters is a very, very concern doctor for his clients! He has been very good with my issues.

Dr. Waters is very knowledgeable in his field. His somewhat casual, friendly manner is very comforting. Easy to talk to.

Dr. Waters is awesome! I think he's informative and gets straight to the point. He makes appointments quick and easy with the best care!

Dr. Waters with a very good foot and ankle surgeon explains everything and explains why he is doing what he is doing for you that is a good doctor. My overall experience was extremely great.

He was very knowledgeable and took time to explain things to me.

He was very informative and listen to my concern. He also made recommendations.