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Flat Feet Resources

Flat feet is a condition that affects those who have little

to no arch in their feet. When you stand, a person who

doesn’t have flat feet will have a gap from the inner part

of their feet to the floor, due to the normal arch that slightly

rises off the ground. Those with flat feet will experience no

such gap. While there are some people who experience no

issues with their flat feet, it’s not uncommon for those with

this condition to experience discomfort or pain.

Flat feet may cause a certain level of pain due to strained

muscles and connecting ligaments. Those not afflicted by flat

feet are able to get support while walking by the spring that

the arch provides, which in turn, helps to distribute your body

weight while taking steps.

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“Dr. Waters took a thorough examination of my flat feet, and the decision for surgery was welcome, especially after past ortho treatments from other providers weren’t effective. Both foot surgeries have been effective, post op visits have been satisfactory, and I’ve name-dropped Dr. Waters to anyone who asks. (Deanna also deserves praise, she’s efficient and a great personality.)“

“I would completely trust Dr. Waters with all my foot needs. When my son had surgery for flat feet from another pediatric doctor and wasn’t giving proper follow up care, I got a second opinion from Dr. Waters and found his knowledge completely updated. This gave me the confidence to pursue the treatment my son most needed. He didn’t diminish the other doctor merely gave me his professional opinion. Very class act.”

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