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Hammertoe Resources

Hammertoes can be identified by an abnormal bend in the middle

joint of the toe. This abnormal bending can lead to added pressure

on the toe when wearing shoes. It can also cause pain or discomfort

when walking or running. Because hammertoes typically worsen

overtime and become increasingly more rigid, it’s recommended that

you seek the help of a podiatrist for treatment options if you believe

you’re experiencing the symptoms of this deformity. 

Those experiencing hammertoe may also find other foot related

issues that come with this condition, such as corns or calluses.

Some factors that may influence your likelihood of getting

hammertoe include old age, toe length, improper footwear, and genetics.

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“I met Dr. Waters after he was referred to me for surgery on my ankle. He found it was bone-on-bone and discussed an ankle replacement for me. He did such a wonderful job. It had been years since any of the pain that I had for over 10 years, and the replacement went in and now I am able to walk almost pain free. There is no longer swelling around the ankle. I am floored not having this pain day to day. Dr. Waters also did surgery to straighten the Hammertoes that was on the same foot as the replacement. He straightened them to where I now can slip shoes back on and wear sandals again! Dr. Waters is a compassionate person, always wanting to do the best for his patients. I insisted my sister go to see him for a problem she had, and she feels the same as I do about the success of her surgery, and if anyone else should have a problem with foot problems, I refer them right to Dr. Waters... (I get some funny looks talking about him in the middle of the grocery store). Thank you Dr. Waters”

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