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Ingrown Toenail Resources

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Ingrown Toenail Resources

Ingrown toenails can form when the side of a toenail begins

to grow into the flesh surrounding the nail. As a result, the

affected toe—most commonly the big toe—may become red,

swollen, painful, and—in severe cases—infected.

There are many reasons why an ingrown toenail may develop.

Improperly cutting your toenails is a major cause of ingrown

toenails. If toenails aren’t cut straight across or are cut too

short, the likelihood of getting an ingrown toenail may increase.

Other causes include having unusually curved toenails, wearing

shoes that don’t give your toes an ample amount of space,

and hereditary factors.

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“Dr. Waters and his staff were pleasant and personable. I was able to get an appointment within days of my referral and he did the necessary procedure at the same appointment as the initial consult (removal of in-grown toenail). I’d had the same thing done by a different doc, and the recovery from Dr. Waters was markedly less painful. I’m only two weeks out from the procedure, but it seems to be healing nicely and to be successful. Definitely recommend him.” - Megan S.

“An agonizing ingrown toenail made me desperate to find relief,.. Somewhere.... So, I decided to take a chance and see a Dr. at Platte River Foot and Ankle in Gretna. Dr. Wilkinson and staff gave me such a warm welcome, it made me feel so comfortable. And,.. we even talked about our pets! Made anxiety disappear. A solution to the toenail problem was made! I really did find the Right place! A 5 Star review is not in order here. -Needs to be a definite 10!” - Kathy D.

“I was having pain in my big toe. turns out it was an ingrown toenail. I made an appointment to get it looked at and they were able to get me in and get the problem taken care of the same day. I am currently setting up an appointment for my son to get his feet looked at. I highly recommend this place.” - Chris S.

“Took care of my ingrown toenail in one appointment. Dr. Waters has given me so much relief in that toe. My only regret is that I didn't go in sooner to get it taken care of.” - Christopher S.

“I went in with an ingrown toenail and was nervous as heck. Dr. Waters put me at ease, and it didn't hurt one bit. I highly recommend him.” - Shelly R.

“Took care of my ingrown toenail very quickly. I hate needles of any kind, but Dr Waters did the injections needed as painless as possible. Recommend him and his staff!” - Charlotte W.

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